Projects and Programs

Our regular programs:

  • The latest, “REJUVENATION MIC” – an Open Mic that takes place every last Thursday of the month at the Resource Center for Nonviolence from 8-10pm, sign-ups at 7:30pm and can catch a workshop at 6:30pm.
  • “Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence” Trainings with youth and adults – check our Facebook about these opportunities! FREE FOR YOUTH!
  • Conversation groups on applied nonviolence
  • Community collaborative art projects and workshops on topics such as: Visual Art, Poetry, Music, Nonviolence, Participatory Social Movements, Global and Local issues
  • Project ReGeneration is all about arts, education, and providing resources for youth on nonviolent activism. Our values are rooted in social justice, human rights, self-realization, and nonviolent direct action. If you have ideas for a program, would like to present an issue, or be involved with leading a project, please contact us (visit our ‘contact’ page)! We would be happy to serve as a platform for your next project.

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