Coming Up: Discussions on “The Nonviolent Handbook” and OPEN MIC

Join us for a book study and discussion on the book “The Nonviolence Handbook: A Guide for Practical Action” by Michael Nagler! Thursdays (9/18, 9/25, 10/7) from 7-9 @ 612 Ocean St.!
Buy the book at RCNV ($12)

aaaand OPEN MIC!



Nonviolence is Participatory! Upcoming programs:

Check out upcoming Fall 2014 programs from the Resource Center for Nonviolence:

Nonviolence is Participatory!

Action, Relationships, Collaboration, People Power

Participation is the theme of Fall 2014 programs at RCNV

            All events at RCNV, 612 Ocean Street, unless a different location is given below.

September 11, 18, 25

“Nonviolence Handbook” discussion group with Irene O’Connell and Peter Klotz-Chamberlin.  Read and discuss Michael Nagler’s 65-page introduction to social and personal nonviolence.  Buy the book at RCNV ($12).  7 PM

September 15

“Voices Across the Divide” film and Q & A with Alice Rothchild.  Oral history project exploring the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through personal stories. $5-$10 sliding scale.  7 PM

September 20

“Meatless Mondays on a Sunday” vegetarian and vegan potluck at RCNV with the Vegetarian Meet-Up. 4-7 PM. RSVP

September 22

Love Mondays at Discretion Brewery.  2703 41st Ave. 20% proceeds benefit RCNV’s Building for the Future Campaign.  10 AM to 9 PM.

September 26

Open Mic “Truth and Story Telling” with Project ReGeneration. 7 PM

October 7, 14, 21, 28, 

November 4, 13, 18

“Studying Conflict and Compassion” re: the Middle East. Cowell College course lectures (Hatam Bazian, Christine King, Bruce Thompson, Stephen Zunes and more), plus community conversation after each lecture.  Lectures at Merrill College 105, 6-7:45 PM.  Contact RCNV for conversation details.

October 8

“Participate!” with Nina Simon, Executive Director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.  Mixer at 6:30 PM.  Program at 7:30.  Explore how your group can improve its invitation to participate. Nina will share her experience and advice about how she and her team have transformed the MAH into a participatory experience.  The museum’s profile, attendance, and participation have skyrocketed under Nina’s leadership.  Nina Simon is the author of “The Participatory Museum.”  $10-$20 donation.  Please RSVP.

October 9, 16, 23, 30

“Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict” 3 week conversation group to prepare for the author speaking at the RCNV annual dinner.  Buy the book at RCNV ($22).  Case studies of the Iranian Revolution, Palestinian First Intifada, Philippine People Power, and Burmese Uprising.

October 24

“Nonviolence is Participatory” Annual Dinner program with Erica Chenoweth, co-author of “Why Civil Resistance Works: the Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict.”  Gourmet vegetarian dinner with friends to support the work of RCNV.  Reserve a ticket ($40-$100 sliding scale) or a table by calling RCNV.  5 PM meet and greet.  6 PM dinner.  7 PM program.

October 30

“Pumpkin-Powered Poetry” Open Mic and pumpkin art workshop on Last Thursday.  6 PM.

All Fall

Building for the Future Capital Campaign.  House meetings, visits, invitations to help RCNV build a better building to serve social change groups, non-profit organizations, and its own programs to grow nonviolence.  Your contribution builds for the future!  For more info: