A Community Discussion on Prison Abolition


Join the Resource Center for Nonviolence, Project ReGeneration, and Sin Barras as we present Steve Martinot (The Need to Abolish the Prison System: An Ethical Indictment) and Dianne Durham in this engaging community discussion about abolition of prison.


Creating Consent Culture

A series of interactive discussions examining power dynamics and the involvement of consent within five relevant topics.

at College Nine and Ten Recreation Lounge, 6:30 – 8:30 pm!

10/21 : U.S Military Intervention in Syria

We will examine the role of consent in U.S. militaristic decision-making and draw a connection to the way consent exists or doesn’t exists on the ground in Syria.

10/28 : Sex & Relationships

An interactive workshop that aims to maximize the enjoyment and overall health of all of our relationships & sex lives (from one night stands to long term relationships) by discussing the knowledge and skills one needs to confidently & respectfully navigate these sometimes awkward, or even unwanted situations. We will discuss easy, confident ways to ask for consent, knowing personal boundaries & how to communicate them, and, of course, how to coolly handle rejection.

11/4 : Reproductive Justice

An introduction to the lack of consent many people face in reproductive healthcare and a conversation on how we can create consent in spaces where it is undervalued.  Specific issues include forced sterilization of American Indian women and restrictive abortion laws.

11/18 : Immigration & Economic Justice

This will be a discussion exploring how the implications of immigration status and policies affect financial situations. We will hear an academic explanation and a myriad of community stories. We will focus on the reality of limited access for certain communities and whether or not they have a choice.

11/25 : Orange is the New Jim Crow–Rights of Incarcerated Individuals in the U.S.

Orange Is The New Jim Crow will illuminate the multiple harms that incarcerated women and gender variant people face behind bars, as well as their dynamic resistance to everyday systemic control. We will highlight the absence of informed consent in prison and refuse to let women prisoners remain unseen and unheard. This discussion will encourage participants to think deeply and critically about our own responsibility to redesign a social landscape in which coercion and confinement–and especially punishment for profit–will be replaced with alternatives that make our bodies and communities truly safe.

Sponsored by: RCNV, Sin Barras, ACLU – Santa Cruz Chapter, SHOP, College Nine and College Ten Cocurricular Programs.

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Please join us these evenings to learn more and participate. For disability accommodations, please e-mail coco@ucsc.edu. 

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Thank you to our sponsors: College Nine and Ten Co-Curricular Programs Office, SAFE @ SHOP, The Resource Center for Nonviolence, ACLU – Santa Cruz Chapter, and F*WORD