Resist Rape Culture: A Speakers Panel

Join Project Regeneration, a youth empowerment program of the RCNV, and F*WORD (Feminists Working on Real Democracy), a female identified and gender nonconforming activist space, as we host a Speaker’sPanel on Thursday, May 30th from 7:00-9:00pm at the Resource Center for Nonviolence on 612 Ocean St. The event is free but donations are suggested. The panel is a diverse group of locals including:

-Ann Simonton of Media Watch
-Jasmine Syedullah a Graduate Politics Student
-Erin Ellison a Feminist Psychologist
-Chris Cuadrado a Radical Activist
-Ama Delevett of the Survivor’s Healing Center
-Sam Abeling of Defensa de Mujeres
-Andreea Mile an Undergraduate Intern at the UCSC Women’s Center
-Brandon Balzer Carr a Graduate Psychologist

Each panelist will have a short amount time to answer a set of questions with the intention to offer a multiplicity of perspectives on the historical, racial, gendered, and political underpinnings of rape culture. Don’t miss this dynamic event and feel free to spread the word!

Thank you,
Project Regeneration &
F*WORD (Feminists Working On Real Democracy)RRCspeakerseries

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