Rally Against Gun Violence!

Speak Out and Rally!!




Tuesday, February 26, 4:30-5:30p.m.

Town Clock, Santa Cruz

Join others from the community to speak out against gun violence and promote nonviolence.

We feel compelled to speak out against the epidemic of gun violence, particularly the brutal killing of children in Newtown,

Connecticut. We feel it is essential that our voices be heard by all who value safety in our community. At the rally, speakers, including Santa Cruz Superintendent of Schools Michael Watkins and retired Santa

Cruz County Homicide Detective Stoney Brooke will address the topic of gun violence in our community and across the nation. We urge all concerned citizens to join us. Bring signs.

   For more info, contact Margalete or call 600-6954.

Co-sponsored by Community Against Gun Violence and RCNV. 

What is Rape Culture? A Call for Submissions!


Project ReGeneration is creating a safe space for the community to consciously and creatively examine a culture of violence and violation as it pertains to not only our bodies, but to our lands, our experiences, our consciousness. We are encouraging people to share perspectives and definitions of “rape” through whatever artistic processes and expressions they may. It’s really about sharing narratives, and breaking the silence and stigmatization (and re-victimization) of rape survival.