U.S. supporting War on Gaza- Your Action Needed Now!


In light of the resurgence of violence between Palestine and Israel and the rising death toll on both sides, our active resistance as U.S. citizens and as humans is more important than ever.

OUR tax dollars and OUR U.S. administration is fueling this considerably unfair war by supplying military aid to Israel and allowing for Palestinian basic human rights to be infringed upon.

Many, including Noam Chomsky, have referred to Gaza as a “prison camp” and “some sort of open-air prison.” 1.7 million Palestinians are crammed into just 140 square miles, faced with ever-present threats of home demolitions and arbitrary military attacks from Israel.

Israel, despite withdrawing its troops and settlers from the Strip in 2005, continues to control its airspace, territorial waters and border crossings (with the exception, of course, of Gaza‘s land border with Egypt).

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement that Israel has a right to “defend itself” and merely “encourage[s] Israel to continue to take every effort to avoid civilian casualties.”


Please contact your representatives and express your outrage over the US supporting this crime against humanity.


If you are a student of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, support your fellow students at UC IRVINE in their resolution to demand UC divestment from companies that profit from Israel’s occupation and apartheid practices in Palestine.


Members of the Irvine student governments are currently
facing a systemic attempt to harass and intimidate them into repealing
the resolution. It is imperative that we stand behind the UC Irvine
student government and support their efforts to ensure that their
university is socially-responsible when making fiscal decisions.
Therefore, we urgently need statements of solidarity and endorsement
from organizations and individuals in order to protect this

Our universities are directly profiting from the invasion in Gaza that
is currently taking place, and so ensuring the passage of this
divestment resolution is a proactive method of exposing UC Irvine’s
complicity in these crimes.

Email statements to info@irvinedivest.org and we will deliver them
directly to the student government.


Spread to friends and others. Our actions are important to the lives of innocent humans!
If you are interested in organizing a campaign with Project ReGeneration around these issues, please e-mail regeneratepeace@gmail.com


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