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End of November updates!!


Some news from Project ReGeneration!
First, we need about 3-4 people available either Monday or Tuesday to help us assemble and move some shelves, it would take about an hour and a half. If you have time, please contact Peter Klotz-Chamberlin (! Thank you!
 Film Showing: “Welcome to Hebron”
Tuesday, November 27, 7:00 PM 
First Congregational Church
Christian Education Building
900 High Street
Santa Cruz 
 Leila Sarsour is a student at the Al-Qurtuba-school, a Palestinian high school for girls.  The school is surrounded by Israeli military installations and settlements.   Welcome to Hebron shows how the occupation affects everyday life in Palestine. Leila does not fit the widespread western stereotype of Arab women which characterizes them as weak and victimized. Leila is strong, intelligent and outspoken. She yearnsfor a daily life free from oppression and violence.




Staff Meeting 10am-12pm

If you are interested in getting involved with the RCNV, this would be a good time to meet with staff members as we discuss RCNV events and plans.


FINAL FRIDAY People-Powered Poetry presents:

People-Powered Consciousness!

Project Regeneration is teaming up with UCSC’s Brain Mind Consciousness Society  and will be presenting an extra-special Open Mic event!

Sign-ups begin 7pm

at the RCNV 612 Ocean St.



Thank you for all your support!! e-mail regenerate or call 

831-423-1626 with any questions!


U.S. supporting War on Gaza- Your Action Needed Now!


In light of the resurgence of violence between Palestine and Israel and the rising death toll on both sides, our active resistance as U.S. citizens and as humans is more important than ever.

OUR tax dollars and OUR U.S. administration is fueling this considerably unfair war by supplying military aid to Israel and allowing for Palestinian basic human rights to be infringed upon.

Many, including Noam Chomsky, have referred to Gaza as a “prison camp” and “some sort of open-air prison.” 1.7 million Palestinians are crammed into just 140 square miles, faced with ever-present threats of home demolitions and arbitrary military attacks from Israel.

Israel, despite withdrawing its troops and settlers from the Strip in 2005, continues to control its airspace, territorial waters and border crossings (with the exception, of course, of Gaza‘s land border with Egypt).

US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement that Israel has a right to “defend itself” and merely “encourage[s] Israel to continue to take every effort to avoid civilian casualties.”


Please contact your representatives and express your outrage over the US supporting this crime against humanity.


If you are a student of the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, support your fellow students at UC IRVINE in their resolution to demand UC divestment from companies that profit from Israel’s occupation and apartheid practices in Palestine.


Members of the Irvine student governments are currently
facing a systemic attempt to harass and intimidate them into repealing
the resolution. It is imperative that we stand behind the UC Irvine
student government and support their efforts to ensure that their
university is socially-responsible when making fiscal decisions.
Therefore, we urgently need statements of solidarity and endorsement
from organizations and individuals in order to protect this

Our universities are directly profiting from the invasion in Gaza that
is currently taking place, and so ensuring the passage of this
divestment resolution is a proactive method of exposing UC Irvine’s
complicity in these crimes.

Email statements to and we will deliver them
directly to the student government.


Spread to friends and others. Our actions are important to the lives of innocent humans!
If you are interested in organizing a campaign with Project ReGeneration around these issues, please e-mail

ARTivists at work!

Water Tanks have a message to TAKE ACTION!

In an effort to raise awareness about the most recent UC Long Range Development Plan, students and community members are painting murals on the 4 large water tanks along the Upper Campus trails. This location is right at the intersection of trails used by runners and bikers all day long! INFORM YOURSELVES about the UCSC Long Range Development and it’s detrimental environmental impact:


Sign the Petition at:

This link has some photos of the mural being created on the measure P website!

This project was made possible by the collaborative effort of students, community members, generous passer-bys, mountain bikers, joggers, friends. If you have questions or would like to contact the artists, direct emails to:

Irene O’Connell,

To get to tanks from North Remote Parking Lot:

Enter into Upper Campus through official gate. Stay on main road (West Road) without taking any turns for approx. 1.4 miles. You’re there!


Our Vote, Our Voice….right?

Election day is right before us, and we have some considering to do if we want to be conscious voters and actively affect our representational democracy…or so it may seem. What if we don’t want to vote for something that funds schools but ALSO funds prisons. What if this system isn’t representing our intentions or interests at all? What then?

Check out this insightful post on!!

Inspiring words from young activist Marco Saavedra

How do you think culture can create change?

“You want to honor detainees. But how do you honor it and use some of it for art? It’s a bit tricky. As artists in the movement, you’re always cognizant about setting boundaries. When I was in detention, I tried to copy other things I read. Art is essential in any context. One of the most important things you can do. The fact that you can create stuff, that makes you an agent. You’re doing something. I think that has to be one of the most empowering feelings. As undocumented artists, who do we have as predecessors? Who do we look to if not to other oppressed folks who have done art? It’s hard as hell to do art and I think it’s necessary.”

22-year old Marco Saavedra–artist, poet, and activist–made headlines for infiltrating an immigration detention center in Florida, a hybrid political action and investigation that helped draw attention to the plight of undocumented immigrants caught in the nightmarish US detention system