A little taste of some Savvy Soup

A quote from Santa Cruz community member/dope MC, Project ReGen volunteer, and super cool dad, Scott Soup Erikson:


Election prediction: whoever gets elected, they will do the opposite of what they say they will. Like every other major candidate has in the past. Not that they will do the same exact thing as the other, but they will go back on their word 100% … for 100$. Campaign financing needs to be removed entirely, don’t let people run for office at all, people should just vote for the best person they know in their community. Hard to corrupt an election then. And this crap about disempowering unions by not allowing payroll deducations… unions can be corrupted too, but isn’t it obvious when you hear an ad in mainstream media saying one thing, that you should vote for the opposite? Because the people that pay the most money have the most to gain, already have the most money, meaning they robbed the most people, etc., and so they have your best interest LEAST in mind. Since when were corporations and unions considered equal as far as financing goes? Ridiculous. When will people in this country wake up to the fact that mass media CREATES public opinion and does NOT reflect it. That means whatever is on your TV, save PBS or NPR, is designed to get very few people rich at the rest of our expense. Money doesn’t go into one person’s pocket from nowhere. Unplug that thing. Think for yourself. Hook into your community. The forefathers of this country subsidized the printing press – that’s the ONLY reason democracy worked for a short period of time. People are informed through the media – the media is owned by special interests – politicians and industries advertise through media – THEREFORE THE MEDIA IS CORRUPT. It’s really simple. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just $$$, we live in the US, people, wake up. Accept the whole picture, not just the tiny disconnected pieces you are told to. Don’t trust your TV. Don’t trust anyone who advertises on it. If you do, do so at your own risk… because they aren’t looking out for you, they are manipulating and exploiting you. The only way this country can ever turn around is if we have a MEDIA REVOLUTION. That is serious talk, a serious solution. Think about it.


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