MAH event a SUCCESS!

Hey there ReGen folks, Irene here. Wanted to share these messages from Stacey Marie Garcia of the MAH and Peter Klotz-Chamberlin, RCNV staff:

Just wanted to say thank you so much for collaborating with us for October’s First Friday.
It was a fantastic evening, full of energy and activity.

We were so impressed with all the effort you all put into designing each activity with a participatory element and appreciate your close and timely communication with me throughout this process.
Thank you also for accommodating last minute changes and being so understanding about the art in the auditorium.

Please extend thank you’s to everyone in your organization who came to volunteer and make First Friday at the MAH even more dynamic.

We had 1,160 visitors last night!

We hope this was a beneficial event for your organization, that you were able to reach new audiences and raise awareness about such important issues in our society and community.
Have fun at the BBQ!


Hi all,

Irene, can you forward to all volunteers, thank you!

Thank you, Stacey, Nina, Nora, and all the staff and volunteers at the MAH.
You were a joy to work with.  The people who handled set up were very
helpful and positive.  And thank you Irene, Chris, Pam, April, Whitney,
Claudia, Dan, Sandino, Eric, Nina, Amy, Joel, Jeanine–everyone who helped
with painting Gandhi, conceiving and preparing the activities, setting up,
and hosting.  It is good to work together!

For RCNV, this was a unique way to meet people outside an issue-oriented
event, or an event where people respond to our invitation.  Just the
positive interactions with hundreds of people was certainly a success for
us.  I do wish we had been a little more organized and assertive about
inviting sign ups on our contact list, but we did find a good number.  The
BBQ invitations were a big hit.  We’d better order some more veggies!

Everyone who commented on the artwork by Myra Eastman saw that as
complimentary to the nonviolent action RCNV was encouraging.

One comment I heard from 2 different people was that the scenarios described
events that they would ordinarily judge in terms of right and wrong, but
that our request for them to judge them in terms of nonviolence and violence
got them thinking about what is violence, that it is not only overt physical
violence, and that nonviolence is about more than avoiding overt physical

The flags were terrific.  I am sorry I was too busy to make one.  A good
number stopped to sit and watch the amazing photos by Bob Fitch, from
historic civil rights and UFW movements to current local movements.  And a
few watched the PBS “Force More Powerful” video Dan Spelce showed in the
Boardroom, and discussed them with Dan.  Talk about last minute surprises,
that was welcome when you opened the board room to show the films.

RCNV is also working harder to welcome all sorts of different people in to
explore nonviolence, and to participate.  As we got to know you all at the
Museum last night, we felt right at home as you are teaching us some things
about public participation.

Thanks to April and Whitney and Sandino and everyone who had conversations
with people we did not know already.  That was the most important action of
the evening.

I was telling people about it all day.

Congratulations to the MAH for 1,160 visitors.  The culture you are creating
is terrific.

We welcome everyone at the MAH to be our guests at the veggie BBQ next
Saturday, and to RCNV anytime.


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